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Elevate your team's presence and bonds with professional, on-brand headshots. AI-edited, captured and organized in one powerful platform.

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Over 10K headshots generated

A modern approach for teams headshots

Cutting-edge AI headshot photography shakes up the idea that team photos are costly and time-consuming. It's now efficient and affordable.

Traditional photo shoots

Avoid the disruption and time consumption associated with local headshot photographers who interrupt your work routine.

  • Total time required: 2-3 day

  • Total cost: ~$100-$250/employee

  • Total photos: 1-4

  • Location: limited to one city

  • New hires: schedule a new shoot, might be months from when they join

SavvyHeadshot Digital photo studio

Effortlessly Affordable: Simplify Your Team's Headshots without Breaking the Bank.

  • Total time required: ~15 minutes

  • Total cost: ~$19-$27/employee

  • Total photos: Unlimited outputs

  • Location: world-wide, right from home, or office

  • New hires: easily invite them in seconds

The team at SavvyHeadshot went above and beyond with our onboarding, helping us getting our templates set up and making sure we were happy with the results. Got all our team headshots in less than a week!


Bar-Ilan University

We believe that every employee deserves to have a professional headshot. We are on a mission to make it happen. We help customers of every size of business - from small startups to large enterprises - to generate professional headshots for their employees.

Dan & Leroy

Dan Bachmann & Leroy Clarke

Co-founders, SavvyHeadshot

How it works


Create your team

Create your organization

It takes 30 seconds to fill out the organization basic details

Choose a template

With a few clicks, you can choose a template that suits your organization's needs, or you can create your own template.

Invite your team

Invite your team members to join your organization. You can easily send them an invitation email or share a link.


Upload a single selfie

Once your colleagues have accepted the invitation, they can upload their selfies to the platform on their own time. We will guide them through the process.


Our AI goes to work

It will take us a few seconds, and we will notify you when your team's headshots are ready. You can approve, reject, or request new submission.


Moderate, download, and share

Our platform streamlines the process of moderating, downloading, and sharing your team's headshots. You can use our dashboard, integrations and API to do this.

Case Studies

SavvyHeadshot is perfect for both you and your team, here's why

For your team

  • No awkward photoshoots

  • Get it done right from their home

  • Increase confidence and trust

For you

  • Save 10x cost, and 100x time

  • Easily onboard new employees

  • Control the entire process from one platform

  • No need to chase employees for their headshots

Avg. time to take a headshot

5 minutes

Total Headshots Generated

Over 10K

Average template setup time

27 minutes

Avg. # of output for employee



Use with all your favorite tools

Boost productivity with integrations and extensions that fold right into your workflow. Embed headshots wherever you need them.

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Features to make your team shine

No hidden costs

No time is wasted on co-ordination, shooting, editing. Use SavvyHeadshot to align your people and your brand.


We respect your privacy. You can always remove your headshots and data stored from our servers.

Easy to use

Our platform is easy to use. No need to be a professional photographer to get great selfies. We guide your team to get perfect results.

Streamline new hires onboarding

With our platform, you can easily onboard new hires and ensure they have a professional headshot from day one.

Manage your styles

Managing headshots styles simple. Our intuitive template editor allow you to create and manage headshots styles. No photoshoot, new photography, or re-editing needed.

Advance sharing and moderation

Our platform will help you manage the headshots process. Sending emails to your team, moderating the headshots, and sharing the final results with your team.


Professional headshots for fraction of the cost of physical photo shoot

Get high-quality professional corporate business headshots for you or your team without breaking the bank. Our pricing is an affordable option for small and large teams alike. We offer bulk discounts for larger teams.

Team members:



  • Easy to use admin dashboard

  • New hires in a single click

  • Guided photo taking

  • Unlimited admins

  • Done from home

  • Used by 2K+ users

  • API integration

  • Unlimited templates

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